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Dominion Announces Distribution of its Esker Water Reserves With Sustainable Recyclable Packaging

Dominion Water Reserves Announces Planned Distribution of its Esker Water Reserves With Sustainable Recyclable Packaging

MONTREAL, Sept. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dominion Water Reserves Corp. (“DWR- CSE”), a holding company with water reserves and operations across Quebec proudly announces further development of its unique glacier water source as part of its strategic asset and growth strategy. This unique reserve of esker water is one of only two permitted esker reserves in Quebec, with an anticipated annual permitted volume of nearly 1 billion liters. Coupled with DWR’s 25-year water sale contract with Aquanor, DWR will be distributing and selling this exceptional quality and specialised esker water in packaging that features recyclable bags in 1.5L formats. This fully recyclable packaging, in line with DWR’s environmental consciousness, features a box containing 6 or 9 bags of 1.5L water. This packaging process unique to Aquanor results from an on-site installation featuring a 1500L reservoir and 500 gallon per minute pump.

This strategically located esker reserve exhibits exceptional water quality for specialty products and therefore looks to make an impression on the Quebec water market, alongside its environmentally friendly packaging which is a rare consideration. DWR is likewise in preparation of establishing a warehouse to store the Aquanor packaged bags and boxes. DWR anticipates that its unique water offering using a sustainable eco-friendly approach to packaging provides an alternative to plastic or glass bottling and will make a long-term difference on the way water in consumed.

Marie-Claude Bourgie, interim president, DWR, comments, “In line with our commitment to health and wellness, we are excited to launch our esker water originating from the purest natural filtration system to a targeted consumer market that takes pride in purity, source and taste. Further, we are environmentally conscious of a carbon footprint reduction and consequently are using fully recyclable bags and boxes in our packaging. We encourage all water purists to taste the difference.”

This DWR esker water source features naturally filtered freshwater into its purest form by way of glacial rocks leaving only a small quantity of mineral salts which accounts for its exceptional unaltered taste and composition. Since eskers typically maintain low temperatures around 5°C, this prevents bacteria from forming and safeguards the purity of the water, DWR’s natural purified source avoids any chemical refining process such as drinking water that is otherwise ozonated or chlorinated.

About Dominion Water Reserves Corp.

DWR’s operations are based in Quebec, with its primary business being a consolidator of the water industry by acquiring fresh spring water permits and developing operations across Quebec with plans to expand across North America. DWR currently controls more than 30% of Quebec’s volume of fresh groundwater reserves currently under permit and is strategically positioned to increase its holding. DWR’s mission is to acquire, manage and develop spring water assets building a critical mass in terms of capacity and strategically securing a leadership role in North America’s fresh spring water.  The corporation prioritizes sustainability and environmental consciousness. A strong governance structure is in place to ensure that the corporation carries out its business responsibly, applying the highest social and environmental standards.

For further information please contact Jean Gosselin Phone: 514-934-7717 Email:

Neither the CSE nor its Regulation Services Provider accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

SOURCE: Dominion Water Reserves Corp.

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