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FTMIG interviews Marble Financial (CSE: MRBL) - Using Fintech to Financially Empower the Underserved

FTMIG sits down with CEO Karim Nanji and Executive Chairman Mike Marrandino of Marble Financial to discuss how Marble (CSE: MRBL / OTC: MRBLF) is focused on empowering the millions of people who find themselves financially underserved and shunned by standard lenders. Marble's current focus is on the approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of Canadians who are considered "subprime", meaning they cannot access low cost credit and mortgages; this ends up costing these individuals significantly in the form of higher interest rates on credit and borrowing products, or simply being rejected outright. With the current world-wide health crisis, the number of people who are in financial distress is only expected to increase and lenders have raised the bar for who qualifies as a prime customer, meaning even those who were previously considered prime customers may now be deemed sup-prime.


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