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Relevium Licenses Patented Science-Based Natural Formulation That Addresses Major Points of Viral...

Relevium Licenses Patented Science-Based Natural Formulation That Addresses Major Points of Viral Invasion, Replication and Toxicities

MONTREAL, Aug. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Relevium Technologies Inc. (TSX.V: “RLV”, OTC: “RLLVF” and Frankfurt: “6BX”) (the “Company” or “Relevium”) is pleased to announce it has secured licenced a patented science based nutraceutical formulation that addresses major points of viral invasion, replication and toxicities develop by Dr. Dana F. Flavin, an internationally-recognized expert in immune modulation and the prevention and treatment of viruses and cancer.


The patented formulation developed by Dr. Dana F. Flavin, which will be marketed under the Company’s Bioganix brand, was developed to work with multiple pathways to combat viral infections, including COVID-19, by increasing the antiviral defense while decreasing the replication and toxicity of the virus.

According to Dr. Dana Flavin, the most important aspect of a multiple pathway approach is synergy – a process in which some substances cooperate to reach a combined effect that is greater than the sum of their separate effect. Synergy is not only important in the development of a specific effective formulation, but also as an adjunct to conventional drug therapy.

The patented formulation was designed the address viral infections through a synergistic interaction of several natural and GRAS ingredients that amplify effect of ingredients working with enhanced supportive mechanisms, which show greater efficacies based on their expansion of the biochemical processes and pharmacological activities.


Based on research about specific ingredients, the following natural substances offer important benefits in the prevention and treatment of viral infection such as COVID-19. When combined, their qualities are amplified for effectiveness.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) added for its ability proven in clinical studies to increase lymphocytes that contain interferon. Lymphocytes are often suppressed in viral infections like COVID-19. These cells that release interferon are part of the Th1 lymphocytes important for their antiviral activity. One of the mechanisms in this lymphocyte suppression is the generation of a gas, nitric oxide. This gas comes from an enzyme, nitric oxide synthase, and is elevated in viral infections. NAC binds to this gas and allows the movement of these lymphocytes back into the blood stream and an increased antiviral activity of these Th1 lymphocytes. Additionally, NAC increases the endogenous anti-inflammatory factor, glutathione, in the lung tissue.

Olive Leaf Extract and Licorice Root added for their ability proven in clinical studies to increase the release of interferon. One of the most important mechanisms in viral defense is to increase interferon, which works directly against virus replication and/or invasion. Many natural substances increase the release of interferon. Combined, olive leaf extract and licorice root are the most effective natural substances to increase this release of interferon from the lymphocytes. Olive leaf contains essential substances like polyphenols including oleuropein, which increases the release of interferon lymphocytes. Olive leaf also increases the absolute numbers of the CD8+ and natural killer cells to improve the defense against viral infections. Additionally, licorice root with its glycyrrhinic acid, increases the release of interferon. Licorice root has been used for hundreds of years to fight upper respiratory viruses.

Zinc added for its ability proven in clinical studies to increase the efficacy of interferon. Zinc is a known trace element that is imperative for the immune system where it improves the host response to many infections and plays an important role in the homeostasis of the immune system. In the cases of viral infection, it increases the interferon efficacy to a multiple as much as 10-fold as well as having direct antiviral activities. Zinc supplementation decreases the morbidity of lower respiratory tract infections in pediatric patients in the developing world. In respiratory syncytial virus infections, for example, zinc prevents the replication of the virus. With rhinoviruses, zinc appears to inhibit the direct binding of the virus. Zinc also inhibits the replication of human immunodeficiency virus type I (HIV-1); herpes simplex virus (HSV); 0020vaccinia virus; and polioviruses.

Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Lemon Balm added for their ability proven in clinical studies to inhibit viral replication. One of the important nuclear transcription factors involved in viral replication in coronavirus infections is nuclear factor kappa B (NFKappaB). This key transcription factor activates numerous genes involved in cellular immune response and inflammation. Many studies have shown that NF-kappa B plays an important role in the pathogenesis of lung diseases, and therefore, is important to inhibit this nuclear factor in preventing and/or supporting patients with COVID-19. There are many antioxidants that inhibit this important factor in viral replication. The most important ones are Vitamin C, lemon balm and elderberry -- natural substances that inhibit viral replication through their inhibition of NFKappaB. Additional mechanisms that fight against viral infections include direct and indirect immune activation, inhibition of viral replication, and even down regulating toxic oxygen radicals involved in cell damage from viruses.

Cherry Extract, Rose Hips and Nicotinamide added for their ability proven in clinical studies to inhibit the oxygen radicals. The damage caused by oxygen radicals in viral infections has been known for many years. The major enzymes involved in this toxicity are xanthine oxidase (XO), NADPH oxidase and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS). The superoxide radical, generated from XO and/or NADPH OX combine with the nitric oxide generated from the iNOS to form the toxic product, peroxynitrite. Viruses, including coronaviruses, are toxic via this pathway. These radicals are massively destructive to tissues where they are generated. In the case of COVID-19, this involves predominantly the lung tissue, causing a decrease in oxygen transfer leading to major lung toxicity and hypoxia in multiple organs.


The Company has partnered with the licensor, a Canadian company engaged in the research and development of proprietary Nutraceutical products, Intellectual properties and other related formulas for the health and wellness, nutraceutical industries and the general public, to develop a strategy for brand development, messaging and retail distribution.

Licensor has granted the Company an initial exclusive license for the UNITED STATES, GERMANY and COLOMBIA to use the Licensed Product and the Licensor Intellectual Property to manufacture, have manufactured and sell the Licensed Product, provided that the Licensed Product is manufactured in accordance with the specifications and quality standards submitted or approved by Licensor.

Licensor grants licenses and rights to the IP Rights and Marks through a base revenue share per unit sold of three dollars. The Company has also agreed that the licensor will be working in partnership with the Company to engage a third party or parties  at it sole discretion , time and place for the purpose of marketing, selling and promoting of such licensed products through major retail chains where in this case that such collaboration will result in a profit margin sharing.

CEO of Relevium Aurelio Useche stated, “We are extremely excited to have secured the exclusive license for this 100% natural synergistic and multi-pathway patented formulation, which we will be launching in the market over the next months. This is a major addition to the CleanCare product portfolio adding prevention and immunity support to the Bioganix line of trusted nutraceuticals”

About Relevium Technologies

Relevium is a publicly traded Company that operates in the health and wellness industry, including legal cannabis, with a primary focus on online distribution. The principal business of the Company is the identification, evaluation, acquisition and operation of brands and businesses in the health and wellness markets and medical cannabis. The Company pursues its business strategy through an acquisition and partnership model in a holistic approach to encompass a wide range of health and wellness consumer products. Relevium operates through two wholly owned subsidiaries:

BGX E-Health LLC (BGX), based in Orlando, Florida, markets dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, and cosmeceuticals primarily through its Bioganix® brand portfolio in the US and Europe. Relevium’s premium brands are sold at some of the world’s largest retailers including and

Biocannabix Health Corporation (BCX), based in Montreal, Quebec, is a biopharma nutraceutical Company focused on delivering pediatric endo-medicinal nutraceuticals for cannabinoid therapy.

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On Behalf of the Board of Directors


Aurelio Useche President and CEO

For more information about this press release: Tel: +1.888.528.8687

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