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Sean Shaeffer Discusses the Travel Industry & Getting Through Challenges Like the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sean Scaeffer is CEO of Zoomaway Travel ( He has spent the last 30 years in the Gaming and Hospitality industries. He has worked in various areas of the hospitality sector including hotels and large casino operations. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create his own companies that specialized in technology that assisted hotels and the resort community in better engaging their clientele. In his previous work he has helped pioneer technologies that have changed how booking rooms and activities benefit customers and the hospitality industry as a whole.

About Canada's Podcast Canada's Podcast talks to the entrepreneurs who are making it happen here throughout Canada. Finally, a national podcast company that creates an active online community for entrepreneurs so they can stay connected locally and to let the world know what’s going on in Canada. Canada’s Podcast interviews entrepreneurs and business leaders in Canada to keep them informed on what’s going on throughout the country and globally, enabling everyone to connect and network with all of their guests. Each episode interviews a unique Canadian entrepreneur from each city and provides both a national and international platform for them to discuss their business and journey.

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